Resource: Biosimilars Benefits Everyone

Biosimilars Benefit Everyone

FDA-approved biosimilars are alternatives to reference biologics – much like generic drugs – providing more affordable treatment options for patients who need biologic medicines to manage their conditions.
Resource: Patients Have an Alternative to Expensive Biologic Medicines

Patients Have an Alternative to Expensive Biologic Medicines

Biologic medicines involve complex research and development. They are often expensive. Learn about alternatives to brand-name biologic medicines in this infographic about biosimilars.
Resource: Biosimilar Basics

Biosimilar Basics

This FDA-produced infographic is for patients in the United States who want to learn more about biosimilars.

How a Biosimilar Reaches a Patient

This infographic from the Biosimilars Council details how a biosimilar moves through the approval process to reach patients.
Resource: What is a Biosimilar?

What is a Biosimilar?

This infographic introduces key concepts related to biosimilars, including an introduction to biologics, what “highly similar” means, what “no clinically meaningful differences” means and how biosimilars are evaluated and monitored.
Resource: Biosimilar Product Regulatory Review & Approval

Biosimilar Product Regulatory Review & Approval

Learn more about the development, review and approval processes for biologics.

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