Patients and Caregivers

If biosimilars played a role in your treatment or if you have a family member or loved one who relied on biosimilars, your voice can give much needed perspective to those who are going through or will start a course of treatment that uses biosimilars. Here are some recent biosimilar patient stories:

Patient Jeni

Condition Pancolitis

She went from paying for a biologic to not paying anything for a biosimilar that truly helped.

She said
“A biosimilar gave me my life back!”

Patient Helen

Condition Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Helen’s biosimilar helped regenerate her white blood cell count, which is a sign of a strong immune system. She is now able to take her family to the beach and amusement parks again, or just go for long nightly walks.

She said
“Taking a biosimilar is easy and I know it will be there for me when I need it.”

Patient Akaimi

Condition Leukemia

Akaimi’s affordable biosimilar helped manage the side effects of her cancer treatment. She now has the energy and extra money to attend art exhibits, respond to her Instagram fans, and care for her family.

She said
“The biosimilar is much easier on my pocketbook.”

Patient Eileen

Condition Crohn’s Disease

After her insurance no longer covered the biologic she relied on, Eileen switched to a biosimilar and was able to manage her condition affordably. She now focuses on pursuing her dream of being a musical theatre performer.

She said
“My biosimilar keeps me pursuing my dreams.”

Patient Greg

Condition Ulcerative Colitis

After years of relying on a biologic, Greg’s doctor recommended he switch to a biosimilar to manage his ulcerative colitis. Now, Greg is successfully managing his condition and focusing on what he loves: fitness and pizza!

He said
“I switched to the biosimilar and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.”

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or administrator, sharing your story about the importance of biosimilars is a simple and effective way to create awareness among patients and providers alike about these lifesaving medicines. Here are some recent stories:

Dr. Sameer Awsare, Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Dr. Sameer Awsare shares the benefits of biosimilars and the hurdles to adoption in the United States. Dr. Awsare works closely with patients who are directly impacted by the promise of biosimilars. Then I’ll send an email with more information about the Share Your Story. Need your recommendation on how to solve.

Share Your Story

Are you on a biosimilar or prescribe biosimilar medicines to patients? Biosimilar stories like yours are essential to help others learn about the benefits of biosimilar medicines. Tell us more about your experience and complete the form below or record a short video.

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